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I am best known for my intellectual biography of Clayton Powell, 18651953. Published in 2002 by Peter Lang, it is available from http//, or from I can send you an autographed copy after you send your ordering data and a money order for $28.00 to me as noted below.

me is the basic text for site users. I combined the method acting techniques I learned in college to fulfill the privilege, task, and duty of preaching. I also based my approach to preaching on techniques I learned as a General Music Major. This dynamic approach is what I used to teach homiletics in Princeton's Continuing Education Center, Five Oaks Centre, Ontario, Canada, and, full time, 19801988, in The Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta, Georgia. You can order it in Korean from:
In English, please contact either Richard Im,
or, more quickly, for an autographed copy, send a money order for $8.00 to:

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